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New Update! v2.0.8

Support WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Easily Sell and Manage Your Design Sets for Oxygen Builder

Asura provides a complete license key generation, activation, and checking system. It allows you to provide license keys that can then be used to access your design sets

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Love it
Asura has evolved a lot in recent updates and I believe it will keep improving over time. It has opened the doors for limitless possibilities for Oxygen Designers. Thanks for Cool product.
Design Set Licencing Made Easy
Early Adopter to Oxygen and this will make moving and licensing your design sets easier than ever before. Well worth the investment and I can't wait to see the roadmap and where the plugin goes.
Well crafted plugin!
Well crafted plugin for selling design sets for Oxygen Builder! Asura is the game changer you need in the toolbox. Great future ahead. Big Thanks.
The Asura plugin is a great tool for those who want to sell designsets for Oxygen Builer! It takes a lot of hassle out of your hands and streamlines your services. All from within one location. Worth every cent!
Asura is a game-changing plugin.
Asura is a game-changing plugin for the designers and developers who are passionate about Oxygen because it has opened up the hidden portal for everyone to become a professional Oxygen design template seller. Now you can focus on building beautiful templates, and Asura will take care of everything from packaging, licensing, and distribution to make your life easier and grow your business faster.


Licenses Key Management

Through simple, intuitive interfaces the Design set Licensing system allows site admins to easily view and manage customer license keys


The generator is useful to generate bulk licenses with predefined options and design sets.

API System

Asura's API System takes your licensing to a whole new level with it's advanced capabilities in terms of security and extensions.

WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Asura includes native integration for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads out of the box. Selling design sets is easy!

Subscription based access?

Don't want to be limited by the unlimited access of the Oxygen API? Would you rather sell design sets on a subscription basis? Now you can!
Asura License System allows you to set an expiration date for each license key & limit the # of activations!

Multiple Design Set in single WordPress Installation

Want to host multiple design sets on a single site? Now you can! You don't need to setup a WordPress site for each design set. Asura helps you to save server disk space and database quota.

White Label (Asura Connector)

Build your brand awareness with our Asura Connector plugin.
Asura Connector plugin supports white label, just change the variable value and the plugin meta, tadaaaa! Your Cool-Agency-Company-Name plugin is ready to for use!
Its free, without charge, and you are free to redistribute it!

Lifetime — Unlimited Site

Asura pricing is affordable for you to start your own market! Pay once, and get lifetime updates and unlimited installs.

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